§ 1 General Regulations

1. Hieronim Łopaciński Public Library in Lublin (hereinafter referred to as ”the Library”) enables free wireless access to the Internet during the Library opening hours. The Library system uses IEE 802.11b/g WiFi standard.

2. The Internet Access is available in: Periodicals Reading Room, Main Reading Room, Lending Library and Level -1 of the Library

3. The WiFi access shall be available to anyone on acceptance of the hereby Terms of Use. In case the Terms of Use are not duly accepted the access will not be permitted.

§ 2 Limitation of Liability

1. The Library assumes no responsibility for continuity / temporary lack of connection to the HotSpot or reduction of transfer rates of the service.

2. The Library reserves the right to limit access to selected websites and apply the content filters.

3. The Library will not be held responsible for any loss or damage occurring to the users as a result of the use of wireless network (for example hardware or software failure or damage). The Library HotSpot does not provide any data transmission protection.

4. The Library staff does not provide any technical assistance for connecting or configuring the wireless devices, or any other device/network problems.

§ 3 Users Responsibilities

1. Any Wi Fi user is obliged:
◦ to obey the existing laws
◦ to follow the staff recommendation
◦ to follow the Netiquette Guidelines (http://www.rfc1855.net/)
◦ not to disseminate commonly referred to as harmful or illegal content.

2. The current user is not allowed to enable access to third-parties.

3. The user is solely (also criminally) liable for conduct, while using the HotSpot including, but not limited to the transmitted content.

4. The user is not permitted, in particular:

◦ to transmit IP packets with false IP or data containing harmful code
◦ to cause excessive bandwidth load
◦ to attempt illegally to access Information Systems Resources (ISR) owned by other Internet users
◦ to create or transmit unsolicited electronic communications such as “spam”.

§ 4 Final Regulations

1. In case of violation of any of the above regulations, the Library reserves the right to immediately terminate the access.

2. The Library reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use.
See the current Terms of Use at www.wbp.lublin.pl (Search for: Regulaminy).

3. All matters not addressed to herein shall be governed by existing laws.